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Rev. Dr. Linda F. Parham


Linda was inspired to found and head the newly launched non-profit Understand New Identifiers That Empower Youth Community Development Corporation (UNITEYCDC). The UNITEY CDC is leading the way in motivating Black youth and young adults’ participation in revitalizing their communities, bridging gaps between youth through community, civic engagements, and transforming dreams into reality by focusing on youth self-empowerment.
Founder of Mending Broken Hearts, a premiere voice that God is using bring revolution and impact the spiritual climate in cities around the world. Through speaking, teaching and preaching for social and cultural events, she has a distinctive voice for this hour. Which help churches, para-church ministries and civic leaders.


Linda Faye Parham, an ordained Reverend and native of Huntsville, Alabama, has become a transplant of the City of Worcester, Massachusetts. Linda has remained dedicated to working with women; people who newly arrived in the United States, and people with disabilities, as they strengthen their foothold in the various sectors of the Worcester community. Linda has helped to build leaders of the African Diaspora in her local community by providing financial literacy and education to those in need and collaborating with other health advocates to create programs to assist those living with disabilities.
Rev. Dr. Linda F. Parham is a woman with a reputation for putting her words into action. She is prolific in her ability to effect significant change in the lives of each person she encounters. Linda has spent the past 20 years working with local and global community leaders in advocacy and service, because she believes we are “better together”.

Personal Life

Linda was born in Mooresville, Alabama. She moved to Huntsville with her family in 1974. She later moved to Massachusetts for over 30 years when her daughter, Tennille LaShay, was one and half years old. Tennille, who family members referred to as T (pronounced Tee)


Linda’s education consists of a Doctorate of Divinity in Complex Urban Studies concentrating in urban youth and young adult ministry from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, a Masters of Communications, Master of Community Development, and Planning, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Organizational Communication, Master of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Clark University.

Linda has earned a Certificate in Women Politics and Public Policy from UMass-Boston, a Certificate in Youth and Young Adult Ministry Studies from Boston Theological Institute, a Certificate in Faith-Based Community Economic Development from Harvard Divinity School Summer Leadership Institute, and a Certificate in Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) from Berkshire Medical Center.

Work Experience

Linda’s work experiences include non-profit environment, church planning, leadership development, research, consulting, senior citizen support, and spiritual formation for high school and college individuals. Linda is working in expanding her case study on faith-based health promotion as a new social justice paradigm examining health disparities among people of color as a viable means of social reconstruction.

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